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Most accountants will give you a free initial meeting but check before you book. This is a fact-finding meeting on both sides as well as helping to decide whether you can work together.

There is a lot of free advice available for taxpayers who want to try to do it all themselves (see below) if they have access to the Internet.

I still believe that over all you save money and sleep more soundly by having a qualified accountant to support and guide you initially or to get you back on track when things go wrong. However, our tax system is called ‘Self-Assessment’,  the idea being that taxpayers could self-assess.

Accounting Web

Everything – ask the accounting community or sign up for weekly update emails.

The centralised government information site including Business Link, VAT and Self-Assessment.

Companies House
British Chambers of Commerce

Companies House for information on limited companies.

Chamber of Commerce

British Chambers of Commerce
British Chambers of Commerce

Federation of Small Business

Local support

British Chambers of Commerce

Tax rates

Or what about typing your query straight into Google, although this comes with a health-warning.

Free Advice